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WHY #16 of 101: Values, Leadership, Marketing and Innovation

Ken Blanchard of The One Minute Managerfame has a lot to say about values-based leadership. He realized that leadership starts with values. Covey of

The One Minute Manager

The One Minute Manager (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Seven Habits series who also recognizes that leadership requires a values connection. Then there is the book, Tribal Leadership, by authors by John King and Dave Logan. They talk about the importance of companies: hiring by values, promoting by values and firing by values. But what about marketing?

According to extensive research I have been doing, values do play a significant role in marketing. I’ll try to simplify it by focusing on values from a psychological perspective, first. Here, attitudes and behaviors drive someone’s values. In sociology values can play a role in a group’s attitudes about a particular person or thing. Figuring out an individual or group’s values can help you understand more how to market and, of course, then sell to them.

Then there is the area of innovation. Most people want to know how values can drive innovation. There are people who hold the value of innovation as one of their core values. I do. How about you? But I would couple that value with the all-important value of collaboration. And there is no one I can think of who has the corner on innovation and collaboration and its importance than Sarah Miller Caldicott. I’ll leave you with this video from Sarah. But, first, what are your values around marketing, leadership and innovation? Bring them together and you’ve got a model for re-igniting growth!

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Melissa G Wilson

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