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Networlding authors represent the world’s leading authorities on a wide-range of topics. Their vast experience and expertise have been recognized by many industry leaders, so you can be confident that our writers provide you with quality work.

Colin Egglesfield

Colin Egglesfield was born in Farmington Hills, MI and moved to Chicago at a young age. Before attending medical school, he went to a model and talent search, on a whim, and was soon working with some of the top designers and photographers in the world, letting fashion lay the groundwork for his acting career.

After moving to New York, Colin starred in the long-lived daytime drama All My Children, playing the son of Erika Kane which soon led to roles on Rizzoli and Isles and the romantic comedy Something Borrowed with Kate Hudson.

In 2014, with his passion for wanting to make a positive social impact and a desire to get into the world of real estate, Colin started his own real estate investment company, Stage 2 Properties and began rehabbing houses in the South Side of Chicago. He is currently working with community leaders and developers, including a nonprofit called Art on the Loose. One of their main goals is to help revitalize underserved communities including the creation of a youth community center that teaches inner-city kids about careers in art and design.

These experiences and more have shaped Colin and taught him a lot about life, success, and making a difference—the impetus for his book. In Agile Artist, Colin shares his rich life stories and provides plenty of inventive strategies to help you, too, break through to your creative true self.

About the Book – Agile Artist

Agile Artist, Life Lessons From Hollywood and Beyond is about trusting  yourself to lean into the creative life you have always wanted to realize. We are all artists in one way or another, and Agile Artist represents a community where we can come together to support, motivate, and share who we are, to be able to create not only better lives but a better world. Rise above the noise, the disappointments, and the setbacks, and watch as opportunities present themselves.

Ron Read

Ron Read is the author of Starting the US Open: From Shinnecock to Pebble Beach. For 23 years, first at Shinnecock Hills, Ron witnessed the toughest shot in golf: the opening drive from the #1 tee of the United States Open Championship. His vantage point was up close, and at times very personal.  As the US Open starter, Ron formed enduring relationships with golfers, caddies, sportscasters, writers, superintendents, and many others.

For his entire professional career, Ron Read served the Game of Golf in various capacities, starting with the Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) and then the United States Golf Association (USGA). For over 40 years Ron loved enriching lives through golf.

About the Book – Starting the US Open

In Starting the US Open, Ron takes us inside the ropes, through the clubhouse, and into the inner sanctum to bring us the stories that reveal what made this tournament and this sport truly special in the eyes of fans and players alike. More than a great read, Starting the US Open is a great experience. “Play Away Please!”

Diane Serbin Hopkins

Diane Serbin (Stover) Hopkins has served as a leader in market communications, customer experience strategy, and innovation culture, building for over 20 years, primarily in the healthcare industry. She is nationally recognized as a content expert, connecting brand promises to authentic customer experiences. Diane was one of the first Chief Experience and Innovation Officers in the US healthcare industry at Memorial Health System and Beacon Health System, South Bend, IN.

“If you want to raise the bar on creating memorable customer experiences, then this book is your roadmap.” —Valerie Willis, VP, Tom Peters Company

The core premise of this book is that whether you have 10 or 10,000 staff members in your organization, leaders have a foundational responsibility to ensure that workers at all levels are well prepared and informed to understand their influence on customers. This book was written foremost to clearly outline the benefits of a workforce-wide Chief Moment Officer strategy, and secondly to offer many ways to bring the strategy to life, depending upon the current state of a company’s customer experience performance.

If you are ready to explore the power of moment-by-moment, person-by-person customer engagement, this is a quick and rich guide of ways to stretch your thinking and stretch the impact that all staff can have to exceed the expectations and imagination of current and new customers.

Eric P. Canada

Eric P. Canada, Blane, Canada Ltd. is a recognized authority on economic development marketing and business retention and expansion (BR|E). A psychologist by training, he is an entrepreneur at heart and a developer by choice. Before consulting, Eric led local, regional, and statewide economic development organizations and programs. Today he brings a fresh perspective to strategy and planning for clients.

Eric has a reputation for leadership and innovation. He is the developer behind the award-winning Synchronistic Suite software designed to help economic developers manage client relationships, business retention and expansion, prospect tracking, and workforce development programs. He created national BR|E key performance indicators. Eric founded the ProLearning Lab to insure high quality economic development education without commercial bias.

He is the author of Economic Development: Marketing for Results! and Marketer’s Planning Guide, and has published eight research white papers on BR|E and economic development marketing.

Over 12,000 economic development professionals have attended Eric Canada’s workshops. He has taught at International Economic Development Council, Economic Development Institute, 7 Basic Courses, Business Retention Expansion International, and Community Development Institute, as well as University of Southern Mississippi’s master’s economic development course.

Canada publishes the newsletter 13 Tips (formerly Economic Development Marketing Letter) and distributes news via Twitter: @edmarketingpro. He can be reached at 630-462-9222 or

About the Book – Economic Development for the Team

“I didn’t set out to write Economic Development for the Team. It came to me. The book came about through a training assignment. My client had a group of energetic young professionals. But, they were having trouble seeing the connection between their skills and economic development outcomes. To complicate matters, some associated had years of experience. They needed to be engaged as well.

“My situation was different. I grew up in economic development. I painted my first spec. building while I was in high school. Attending the grand opening of a small plastic’s firm in that building was hands-on economic development. I was hooked. My first job out of college was executive director of a rural Chamber in Southern Indiana. There I learned how much I did not know and the importance of my board and volunteers. They taught me about teamwork. Now, after 25 years of work in and consulting with all levels of organizations, I have seen time and again the difference teamwork makes.

“We hire/select our team for their energy, enthusiasm, expertise, not their econ dev expertise. But, when they show up for work on DAY ONE then, their sense of ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT becomes critical.

For the Team fills a training void. Take your board members for example. A bright, engaged business executives agree to serve on the Board. Then, when it comes to board meetings, they sit stone silent. Why? They are playing catch-up. They are trying to figure out their role, the organization, AND economic development. For the Team can help them bridge these gaps quickly.

“Common problems are easy to avoid if we know they exist. Take branding. Not every community needs a branding initiative. A strategic plan with 25 objectives and no priorities is a shopping list, not a plan.

“These are avoidable, survivable problems. Some of many covered in the book. But, the most critical challenge I see in economic development today is vision. Communities undershoot their potential by thinking small. We are conditioned by short-term, transactional thinking. It’s all about the deal, the next project, the job total. The real opportunity is a long-term, aspirational approach to economic developments. Success is defined by building the community our children’s children will want to live in.

“That will not happen by accident. With Economic Development for the Team, I wanted to help build cohesion and fuel success by bringing the team together around a common understanding of economic development. Where they go from there is up to them. But with a shared understanding and teamwork, great things are possible!”

Joseph M. Bradley

Joseph M. Bradley is currently the global vice president of the Digital & IoT Professional Services Organization at Cisco and senior research fellow for the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation at IMD. In these roles, he leads a team of multidisciplinary experts and technologist who help CXOs and government leaders transform into digital organizations.

In addition to holding top executive positions with Cisco, Joseph’s professional history  includes President of Uptake Technologies, Executive Vice President of HCL Technologies, and Vice President & General Manager of the Data Communications group at AT&T. He earned an economics degree from the University of California at Berkeley. Joseph’s innovative thought leadership, digital management expertise, and engaging speaking style have made him a highly renowned and highly requested public speaker, worldwide.

Joseph has built a stellar reputation as the person to turn to when companies need to know how to create systems where people and technology don’t just coexist but work to benefit each other. Such dynamic interaction has been his lifelong passion.

About the Book – Questioneering: The New Model for Innovative Leaders in the Digital Age

Questioneering provides a new way of approaching business problems and reaching breakthrough innovation. It’s filled with usable models and frameworks to lead you to create high-value questions that lead to high-value answers for your current and future business issues.

“If you want to achieve real innovation, Questioneering will help you do it. It is based on revising how leaders should give up an obsession with the right answers and instead think about changing the questions. Bradley positions this as responding to high-value questions, an approach that can lead to entirely new business outcomes. It starts with what Bradley calls the 3 Golden Rules, which are among the best leadership principles I have seen in a long time. ” —Charles Varvaro, VP Global Technology Services, IBM

James B. Rosseau, Sr.

Success On Your Own TermsJames Rosseau, Sr. currently serves as EVP & President of LegalShield Solutions (the company’s B2B focused unit) with oversight for the affinity, brokerage, group, small business and national accounts divisions in addition to developing new, innovative channels and products.

Prior to joining LegalShield, James served as the President of Allstate Affinity Solutions where he launched innovative partnerships with Bass Pro Shops, United Airlines, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Office Depot, and the Fuel Rewards Network, differentiating Allstate in the insurance industry, driving customer acquisitions, loyalty, and revenue growth.

Prior to Allstate, James served as a Senior Vice President at JPMorgan Chase Card Services where he was responsible for Affinity & Co-brand partner relationships. His responsibilities included profitable growth, marketing, partnership rationalization, and the oversight of a number of partnerships that included AARP, AAA, La Quinta Hotels, New York Life, Notre Dame, Subaru, and the military branches of service. During this time he was able to drive significant profit increases through increased consumer acquisitions and retention, product improvements, increased wallet share, and improved underwriting.

Prior to that, James served as the HR Service Delivery North America Executive, responsible for providing seamless services to employees, managers, and HR business partners. In this capacity he played a leadership role in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures; the establishment of a captive off-shoring hub in India; and numerous operational and technology transformations.

With over 20 years of professional experience, James’ areas of leadership experience include Revenue Generation, B2B relationship development, Finance, Technology, Operations, Human Resources and Services, with experience in the Financial Services, Healthcare and Retail.

Mike Klein

Million Dollar Sales Conversations: The Formula for Creating Last RelationshipsWorking as a motivational team leader and trainer, Mike Klein has become skilled in developing, coaching, and mentoring a sales force. This has made him accomplished at identifying talent and placing professionals in positions that ensure organizational success. To date Mike has trained 750+ sales executives, mentored more than 30 sales managers, and has been responsible for producing cumulative revenue of over $1.7 billion.

About the Book – Million Dollar Sales Conversations: The Formula for Creating Last Relationships

Mike will help you learn how to build sales that last. He will share with you what it takes to create that certain something that means the difference between connecting with someone for a one-time opportunity and connecting for a lifetime of opportunities. Mike will take you through one great story after another with simple, yet powerful steps to create amazing sales results.

Todd Romer

Young Money: A Powerful 5 Step Money Plan to Financial Success NowTodd Romer is the founder of Young Money Media. His passion for financial education and capability for today’s young adults stems from his personal experiences with earning, managing and investing money from a lawn mowing business he held in high school, and college at the University of Dayton.

After finding very little information and resources about personal finance, money, and investing for young adults while in college, Todd launched Young Money magazine and in 1999 to provide young adults with relevant personal finance and entrepreneurship content. From 1999 to 2009, nearly 7 million copies of Young Money magazine was published and distributed on 225 college campuses. Since 2010, the Young Money LIVE campus event and speaking tour has visited over 225 colleges and universities across the U.S. with Todd presenting the 5 Simple Steps to Create Financial Health and Wealth Now.

About the Book – Young Money: A Powerful 5 Step Money Plan to Financial Success Now

Do you think you must have the highest level of education or the best job to be financially successful? Or to have come from a wealthy family? Are you tired of money being on your mind 24/7? If you want to have a tremendous jump start on your personal financial success, then stop everything and read this book.

The Young Money 5 Step Money Plan is for anyone who wants to dare to dream and create financial health and wealth over time, in a very simple manner. Whether you are in high school, in college, or in your 20s, you can master this 5 Step Money Plan and live a much fuller and richer life. So let’s do this!

Paul M. Rand

Highly Recommended: Harnessing the Power of Word of Mouth and Social Media to Build Your Brand and Your BusinessPaul Rand is founder, president, and CEO of Zocalo Group, one of the world’s leading digital, social media, and word of mouth marketing agencies, and one of the fastest growing companies inside Omnicom Group. Paul served as president of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) and is on the board of the national Council of Better Business Bureaus and vice chairman of the Dean’s Advisory Board for DePaul University’s Driehaus College of Business and Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.

Highly Recommended is required reading for any business leader.” —Susan Resko

“The book provides tons of relevant and insightful examples showing how this can come to life and already has proven to be successful for many brands.” —Madelyn

“His writing style is compelling, full of great easy to read stories with fantastic takeaways.” —Warren Sukernek

Dan Weinfurter

Second Stage Entrepreneurship: Ten Proven Strategies For Driving Aggressive GrowthDan Weinfurter is the managing partner of Chicago Growth Consultants and serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience. He has been the founder and CEO of two private equity-backed businesses and was the “number two” executive for a third, all three of which achieved high rankings on Inc. 500.

Parson Group started from a business plan in 1995, landed the coveted #1 spot on Inc. magazine’s “Inc. 500″ list in 2000. He has provided both consulting and interim management to a variety of start-ups and large public companies. He currently serves on the boards of Colonnade Advisors and ThermoFluids and was formerly a mentor for the Clinton Foundation’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence. He has been featured or quoted in Inc. magazine, CFO Magazine, Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun Times, BBC Online, the New York Times, and Wall Street Journal, among others.

“In an era where it seems everyone is focused on ‘launching’ new ventures, finally someone is highlighting the issues around ‘growing’ a new business. Weinfurter provides practical advice on how to address the challenges of growth to insure a business scales.” —Linda Darragh, Executive Director, Kellogg Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative (KIEI), and Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

About the Book – Second Stage Entrepreneurship: Ten Proven Strategies For Driving Aggressive Growth

“Dan’s book captures his own experiences of growing several companies through the Second Stage of Entrepreneurship and lays out the important steps in an easy to read and common sense approach. Second Stage Entrepreneurship will help all emerging entrepreneurs plan for the challenges and the wonderful adventure they will be living.” —Joseph P. Flanagan, Chairman and CEO, Acquirent, LLC

Great ideas and insights into making a business grow and succeed once you’ve actually started your business! This is a ‘How To’ book on growing and managing the many facets of the enterprise, to create a truly cutting edge successful business.” Jude Reyes, Reyes Holdings

“A fantastic reference for entrepreneurs and leaders of small, growing businesses. Weinfurter’s insights provide an invaluable checklist for those who want to take their business to the next level.”—Keith H. Yamada, CIVC Partners

“It’s a must-read for every entrepreneur. Dan Weinfurter knows from his own experience and that of the scores of business owners whom he’s advised that a great idea or even a proven business model is not enough. He drives home the importance of advance planning and great personnel. If you want to know how to expand your business without giving up control, Dan tells you how. He makes it clear that, if you want to do what you like, then you need to do what you’re good at and let others do the rest. It’s a 180-page MBA.” – Christopher G. Kennedy, Founder and Chairman of Top Box Foods and Chairman of Joseph P. Kennedy Enterprises, Inc.

“Dan Weinfurter is a builder of businesses. In Second Stage Entrepreneurship, he shares his experience and accumulated wisdom in developing and implementing comprehensive strategies for growing companies. His Ten Proven Strategiesranging from competitive differentiation to organizational development/hiring to culture and, ultimately, to planning the founder’s exitwill be a useful guide for any entrepreneur making the transition from start-up to sustainable growth.” —Eric Larson, Managing Partner/Founder, Linden LLC

Ian Miller

Rocket Branding: How to Launch a Rocket Brand and 20 Real World Success StoriesRocket Branding was designed by Ian Miller, an expert brand and business strategist who has spent 35 years working on four continents and over 400 leading product, service, and corporate brands, representing almost every category, geography, and marketing challenge (B2C, B2B, and B2E). Both his successful creation and global launch of the NutraSweet brand and work with companies like P&G, American Express, Qantas, Coca Cola, J&J, Monsanto, Hewlett Packard, Harley Davidson, Pfizer, New Balance, Best Buy, J.Walter Thompson, and Ogilvy & Mather have taught him how to get to the real issues fast and get big, fresh thinking working quickly in the marketplace.

Ian has launched and managed a brand in every market around the world (including Old Spice, Celebrex, and three of the four top sweetener brands in the world) and his obsession for growth has enabled him to help build four $1 billion brands, six $500 million brands, and many, many others from start up through maturity.

About the Book – Rocket Branding: How to Launch a Rocket Brand and 20 Real World Success Stories

“Brilliant—simplicity in reading with huge success possibilities for all who strive to be the best—extremely useful cases! —EniREVIEW

“Ian Miller is famous, even if you’ve never heard his name. He’s the master mind of many brand slogans that you know by heart and love. He tells the tale of his famous clients and branding strategies in this easy-to-read, content-rich book. He is able to share his wealth of knowledge with big ideas and show smaller businesses and operators how to apply the same thinking. His goal for you is to grow your business by leaps and bounds, not just a few percentage points. If you want to impact a lot of people with your product or service, this is the book you need to add to your must-read list. Ian is a marketing and business dynamo. I’d encourage you to read this book right away.” —Bob Regnerus

Andy Friedman

50 Steps for 50 Year Old Job SeekersAndy Friedman has broad expertise in digital strategy, Internet content, online marketing, operations, metrics, affiliate relations and training. He also has strong experience with major media companies such as AOL, Tribune, and Clear Channel. Andy is a positive team leader and creative problem solver.

About the Book – 50 Steps for 50 Year Old Job Seekers

Andy Friedman was working through his career when he suddenly found himself over age 50 and without a job. His company had massive cutbacks, and that was that.

Older job-seekers normally spend more time out of work and have more difficulty adapting to the new world of social media, social networking, e-resumes, and interviewing. It’s not unusual to be out of work for a year or more. Many older workers are afraid to leave dead-end jobs for fear of not finding anything better.

50 Steps will help you:
  1. land a better job more quickly;
  2. identify and connect more effectively with those who will introduce you to the “Hidden Job Market;”
  3. ace your interviews;
  4. create resumes that get noticed;
  5. stand out from the crowd; and
  6. network like a pro, even if you are shy.

“Andy Friedman has written a practical, do-it, hit the goal book for getting a job a ANY AGE. Its focus is on highly experienced, skilled workers, but a 20-year-old could benefit. Too many job-hunter books are written by HR pros and high-end head hunters who have never been out of work! Andy derives personal experience from the hunt as the backbone of his book. He shares the field experiences of his colleagues that can be applied instantly to the reader’s job search. Practical and hard issues are examined, such as how and when to tell your kids and how to ask for their help. He examines the online job sites, shows how to use social media to get a job, and how NOT to follow up a job interview. Blessedly there is no theory or preaching, just action steps. Action one: Get the book.”—Water Sabo

“I’m 56, haven’t updated my resume in 4 years, and used ideas in this book to revise my resume and write the cover letter for a job I recently applied for. Without the insight and step-by-step guidance in this book, I doubt my resume would have stood out amongst the many others I’m sure also applied for this high-power job. Fortunately I got an interview that went well, thanks to the tips in the book. The humor and real-life situations makes the book engaging. Anyone who is rusty in the job search department needs to read this book!” —Julie Kagon

“Andy has written a gem of a book, based on his own experiences and first-rate research. The text covers all the mechanics of job search and is completely updated for the latest technologies, from LinkedIn to personal websites. It goes beyond this, however, by holding the reader’s hand through the emotional roller coaster of job loss and search. Andy shows special empathy for the emotional and practical challenges faced by the 50-plus crowd. For example, he addresses topics such as how to manage relationships with spouses, children, and friends. Most helpful of all, the book is divided into 50 easy-to-read sections. Readers can skip around or read completely through to follow the chronological narrative from job loss to landing a new job, and beyond. This is a highly positive book that motivates and informs.” —DLO

Sarah Miller Caldicott

Midnight Lunch: The 4 Phases of Team Collaboration Success From Thomas Edison's LabI have worked with Sarah Caldicott and seen, firsthand, how she can take the wisdom of one of our greatest thought leaders and share with us a process she has gleaned from this wisdom to innovate better than we ever thought possible. Although I did not have the pleasure of working with Sarah directly on her book, I chose to list her here as an author I recommend highly for organizations looking for the best in innovation experts.

Sarah Miller Caldicott is a great-grandniece of Thomas Edison, and a seasoned executive with years of hands-on experience driving growth in new and existing businesses. Coauthor of Innovate Like Edison, a groundbreaking book on Thomas Edison’s innovation best practices, Sarah inspires audiences around the world through her keynote speeches and executive programs on how to integrate Edison’s Five Competencies of Innovation in organizations today. Sarah also advises leaders on how they can use Edison’s time-tested methods to create a culture of innovation, as well as accelerate the development of individual and team capabilities that propel collaboration success.

About the Book – Midnight Lunch: The 4 Phases of Team Collaboration Success From Thomas Edison’s Lab

“Caldicott powerfully updates Edison’s collaboration process for use by organizations operating in today’s hyper-competitive global economy. If you’re looking for a way to accelerate growth through innovation, this book offers deep insights on why collaboration is the ‘superskill’ that will drive success.” —Verne Harnish, CEO, Gazelles; coauthor of The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time

“Sarah has added an indispensable contribution to the success formula for business. Midnight Lunch magnifies one of Thomas Edison’s most treasured traits—collaboration. This incredible piece of work provides insightful yet practical guidance for all who desire to innovate their way to success.” — D. Keith Pigues, coauthor of Winning with Customers: A Playbook for B2B; Dean, North Carolina Central University School of Business

“Innovation is not about individual heroes with a vision, it is about collaboration. Edison understood this well, and Caldicott is a skilled guide to how he really got so much done. Applying Edison’s four phases of collaboration will bring new power to your team efforts.” —Chris Trimble, coauthor of Reverse Innovation and The Other Side of Innovation

“Organizations today often fail to engage collaboration as a crucial part of their innovationprocess. Caldicott reminds us that Edison’s world-changing success stemmed in largemeasure from his collaborative culture. Midnight Lunch updates Edison’s approach for the twenty-first century, offering a practical guide for developing nimble collaborations.” —Vijay Govindarajan, Earl C. Daum Professor of International Business, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College; coauthor of Reverse Innovation

Dan Tepke

Hatching Your Million Dollar BusinessDan Tepke is a results-oriented consulting veteran who specializes in working with C – Level executives and their teams in developing innovative solutions for strategic opportunities.

He has experience across a range of industries, including education, insurance, paper and packaging, philanthropy, and not-for-profit, transportation, telecommunications, and venture capital. Clients served include, Cerulean Fund, CNR/Slimfast, Encyclopedia Britannica, Florida Family Insurance, Golden Rule Insurance, Golden Valley Foods, InterPublic Group, Motorola, Northwest Airlines, OneAmerica Insurance, Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF), Tetra Pak, and U.S. West (Qwest).

Dan has over 25 years of leadership and operational experience having served as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Golden Rule Insurance Company, Senior Vice President, North Park University, and Associate Dean for Management and Budget at the University of Chicago School of Business. In addition, Dan was a lecturer in marketing and Director of the University of Chicago’s innovative New Product Development Laboratory. He was also co-developer of the business school’s unique leadership program.

Dan holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and a bachelor’s degree from North Park University. He currently serves on a number of not-for-profit boards including Galter Life Center and the Albany Park Community Center.

About the Book – Hatching Your Million Dollar Business

“I realized I had both the tools and the coaching experience to add value to someone else’s process as the person develops his/her business idea. The need was there. That was evident when I spoke to people who came to me with ideas that were either incomplete or not well-thought-through. If they had the right tools and processes, would that help them develop a solid idea? I looked for available books or manuals to effectively try to walk someone through this exercise—materials that use a structured process, ask questions, and provide examples and practice opportunities. After some investigation, I decided that, indeed, an opportunity was available to add some value within this particular niche.

“This book is meant for individuals who work alone or either with a few or many others. Its intention is to help those inexperienced in business idea development.”

Karen Scarpulla

Walking Toward The Light: A Journey In Forgiveness and Death(Karen Scarpulla) “I share my personal journey to find forgiveness while caring for my ex-husband as he died of cancer. I have broken the process of forgiveness into steps that I believe  anyone can embrace. Forgiveness is about releasing from the past and empowering your self to move forward.”

About the Book – Walking Toward The Light: A Journey In Forgiveness and Death

“Forgiveness is integral to everyone’s journey on this earth. For most of us, it is lifelong. How we forgive or how much we are called upon to forgive makes each journey unique. I give Karen a lot of credit for following her heart. I believe it was a sincere effort to reunite her family before her ex-husband, the father of her children, died. It clearly wasn’t easy from anyone’s perspective, and it must have been painful to recall, write, and publish the details—so much reliving. And sadly, the lessons continue. Thank you, Karen, for sharing this difficult experience.” —Rea Martin

More Authors?

This year there are a number of new authors coming on board. Stay tuned for new information on them. If you have any questions, just click here to contact me and I will be happy to share all that I can to help you decide if and when you are ready to write your book!

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