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Networlding offers ghostwriting, editing, publishing, book-launch, and book-marketing services to business professionals, executives, creatives, and entrepreneurs who desire to write GREAT books

Networlding Inc. is based on the best-selling book (a top-ten Amazon book for a year) written by Melissa G Wilson and the first Chief Marketing Officer of Motorola, Jocelyn Carter-Miller.

Networlding provides a seven-step process for building leadership networks. This book resulted in generating more than a million dollars through the creation of a series of books that includes a corporate and facilitator’s guidebook for companies that want to implement the Networlding process.

Additionally, over the past two decades,  Melissa licensed the Networlding process through organizations like Yale University and Motorola. She also spoke at companies all over the US, Canada, and in Europe.

While she built her platform, Melissa became a thought leader in the publishing world and started offering book-writing workshops for other thought leaders to help them write their books. What she discovered was that, often, thought leaders don’t have the time or the significant writing background to write their own books.

So, in 2010 Melissa started Networlding Publishing, Inc., a boutique firm, providing book creation, publishing, and marketing services for thought leaders. To date, she has helped more than 130 thought leaders write, publish, launch, and market their books.

Networlding Publishing is the solution if you are a thought leader unsure of how to turn your great idea(s) into a saleable, make-a-difference, published book.

Networlding’s Mission

Our mission is to help thought leaders get their wisdom out to the world to make as big a difference as possible in the lives of their clients and/or customers.

Who Works with Networlding? 

We work with thought leaders who want to make a difference in the world, using their books as tools to grow their platforms. To this end we serve the following thought leaders:

  • top business executives
  • successful entrepreneurs
  • public speakers and/or consultants
  • holistic doctors
  • heads of non-profits and centers of learning

If you are a make-a-difference, thought leader who requires a hands-free approach to publishing, contact us. Not having the time or experience shouldn’t hold you back from seeing your dream turned into reality.

We help non-fiction business authors create books focused in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Media
  • Social Networking
  • Career Development
  • Trend Analysis
  • Diversity
  • Self Help / Human Achievement / Empowerment
  • Spiritual

Some ways that we can work together…


DFY Book Creation. We provide complete, turn-key solutions for becoming an author.


DIY Book Writing Course. Turn your great idea into a saleable, make-a-difference, published book.


Choose one, two, or three hours and receive Melissa’s best personal advice in any area of your choosing.

Another Big Difference You Will Experience with Networlding Publishing

Currently, we are only able to work with 15-20 top thought leaders, yearly, who sincerely desire to make a difference in their respective fields.

Because we work with such a limited number of clients per year, as a client you can expect the highest level of customized service and personal attention.

Unlike other ghostwriting firms, we don’t just ghostwrite, but, instead, provide an integrated, DFY (Done for You), turnkey system for writing, publishing and even launching your book.

Finally, our step-by-step, industry-proven methodology, gets your ideas developed into a polished, powerful book you and your readers will benefit from for years.

As best-selling authors, Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, point out in their award-winning book, The One Thing, for them, writing a book made the biggest difference in building a sustainable growth model for them. We’re confident writing a book will do the same for you.

Our goal is to continue to be the choice for make-a-difference thought leaders whose time is their most precious asset.

How Does the Networlding Publishing Process Work?

First, we take the burden of writing, publishing and launching your book off your shoulders.

Second, we leverage all of our industry experience to shorten the time it takes to bring your book to market within five months or less.

Third, we help you avoid the common pitfalls of publishing because we stay on top of the up-to-the-minute changes in publishing. These are continuously occurring. The mechanics of us taking over the writing,       publishing, and launch of your book, enables you to continue focusing on your daily work but will still take your career or business to your next level of success.

Think of the difference less than half a year can make by getting out a book that showcases your expertise, grows your thought leadership and elevates your influence. Focus on supplying the knowledge, experience, and creativity–the essence of a great book. You supply the spark and we’ll build the fire.

Finally, we implement our proven methodology to create a seamless process for writing, publishing and launching your book and then building a recurring revenue stream to fund your make-a-difference goals.

About Melissa

I’ve been book writing, publishing and launching books for more than two decades.  I’ve taken my experiences and helped over 130 thought leaders write, publish and launch their books successfully. Now, how can I help you?

I am always looking for service providers who are approachable and offer no-obligation, candid and generous conversations with their potential clients.

If you want to have that kind of conversation with me, I’m happy to talk. Just click here to book a call and I’ll share my opinion with you as to what I think you should do with your idea, book, publishing efforts, book launch, etc.

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