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Done-For-You (DFY) Book Creation

Here are some of the many benefits you get from publishing a non-fiction book:

  • Increased business
  • New and larger speaking fees
  • More speaking engagements.
  • More requests for your services and products
  • New-product-and-service offerings e.g. licenses, guidebooks, online courses, webinars, etc.
  • The opportunity to turn your marketing cost center into a profit center

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More Detail on Our Non-Fiction Book Publishing Services

We provide complete, turnkey solutions for those who want to create non-fiction books that focus on making a difference in the world. Our proven Done-For-You (DFY) services include:

  • Working with you to create your book concept. We help you define and refine the essence of your idea by clarifying it into the clearest, sharpest and most compelling message possible–one that will deeply resonate with your readership.
  • Evaluating your book concept. We identify and develop your unique positioning to complement rather than compete with the other books in your category. We also conduct comprehensive market-research analysis, reviewing and evaluating existing competitive titles within your subject category to help ensure that your book is positioned and written from a fresh vantage point. This step is critical in differentiating your book from the “pack.”  This step also helps make your book more discoverable in the increasingly competitive book-writing space.
  • Creating the best-researched and well-positioned title and subtitle for your book. These elements are essential to achieving a winning first impression. However, this is often easier said than done. There is both an art and a science to coming up with a great title and subtitle—something we have helped more than 120 authors accomplish in the last eight years.
  • Developing an agent-ready book proposal. If you already have a strong marketing platform, you may be a candidate for getting picked up by an agent. We have helped many of our authors create their book proposals that have gone on to be represented by our literary agent who has partnered with us.
  • Assigning you a writing team, not just one ghostwriter. Melissa will partner with one of her subject-matter-expert writers to work with you in a highly collaborative fashion to create your outline for your book.
  • Conducting research for each of your book’s chapters. This will help ensure your content has the most up-to-the-minute wisdom on your subject.
  • Developmentally editing your book. Here, Melissa and her team will work with you to create and develop each chapter of your book so your content is engaging, insightful and powerful. Her team of developmental editors and ghostwriters are top-notch seasoned experts with decades of experience.
    Note: You hold ALL rights to your content and book. The Networlding team is made up of highly-skilled professionals who work on your behalf to create a book or series of books representing your best thought leadership.
  • Editing your book at all stages–editorial rounds. Successful writers know the essence of great writing is in the editing.  We provide our authors with at least three rounds of detailed editing, crafting content that is engaging, precise and unique. We’ll keep your book on topic and on target.
  • Designing your book cover and interior pages. People who love to cook know a secret that those who can’t even boil water don’t: people eat with their eyes. In other words, we know how to serve up a book that looks as good as it reads, a book your readers will want to read, re-read and share.
  • Project managing a “smart” book launch. We keep you on schedule and on target to launch your book as effectively as possible.
  • Choosing the best resources for your book to be published and distributed. We apply the latest advances in book publishing, strategies, and trends. We also use every distribution channel relevant to your work: softcover, hardcover, e-book, and especially audio where you will be more discoverable.  At Networlding Publishing we know the benefits of each area of distribution.
  • Creating a powerful marketing campaign. We focus on the marketing of your book as soon as we start working with you, unlike most traditional publishers who don’t kick their marketing
    campaigns into action until you are close to your publication date. This includes:
  • Inserting the best keywords in your title to make sure your book is as discoverable as possible among your competition.
  • Designing your cover well in advance of your book’s release and then using it to create a lead page that will include value-added products like a free checklist or other free product to give away in exchange for your followers’ email addresses, (an excellent way to grow a following prior to launching your book).
  • Foreign rights. Want to increase your presence on the international stage and see your book published in a foreign language? We have an experienced foreign rights agent on staff that will pitch your book to foreign publishers and scouts, and negotiate foreign rights deals on your behalf.
  • Support for outreach to reviewers to help you get reviews to help you get into Amazon’s Hot New Book Releases. We also provide outreach to reviewers to help you get reviews from professionals who have reviewed similar books to the one you will be publishing.
  • Information and discounts on professional book review services like Indie Reader and Booklist.

It is our mission at Networlding Publishing to help you become a successful author. This is why we include helping you create a book support launch team so that when your book comes out you have the best chance of success.

I want you to be successful.  That’s why my team and I provide you with even more services at a lower price point than I paid 15 years ago when I was writing and getting my own books published traditionally.

Through my books, I was able to impact more than ninety thousand people. Now I look forward to helping you achieve a similar impact making the most affordable investment possible.

Ready to Get Started? Book a Meet-and-Greet Free Call Today

Contact me today  for a no-obligation conversation to help you decide if working with me and my team is right for you.

Client Testimonials

James Rosseau Sr.

"Melissa has been an absolutely outstanding book coach that has guided me through a journey from conceptual manuscript to soon to be published author. Melissa's experience and passion for her work has truly been brought to bear as she has pushed me to go deeper and create a richer product. She is a pleasure to work with and as I anticipate doing another book I certainly plan to work with her again."

Teamphotos 265x290 0004 James

Barry Kayton

"Working with Melissa is always rewarding and delightful. She brings energy, enthusiasm and talent to every engagement, and immediate action. She’s a great communicator, a skillful writer and editor and a smart strategist. And in every conversation we’ve had, Melissa has seen opportunities to introduce me to people in her network whom I’ve found to be valuable connections for my own business. She’s a role model for how to get things done."

IrD 1Iv8

Glenn Yeffeth

"I had the good fortune to be the publisher of Melissa's fantastic book, Networking Is Dead. Melissa is a dream author because she combines great writing, deep knowledge and fantastic marketing savvy in one package! Melissa's book provides a contrarian but genuinely insightful new look at the old question of networking. Her commitment to the success of her book was extremely impressive. I recommend Melissa highly!"

Yeffeth Head 400x400
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