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Real Time Actions to Broaden Your Network

Once you have identified your values, established your goals, and formed your primary circle how will you stay connected and how much time will it take.
Certainly you could fill an afternoon with activities; attending functions and connecting with people and planning. However, what if you only had an hour. How much could you accomplish in one hour? Here we have listed five effective tasks that can be completed in one hour.
The Networlding One-Hour Action Plan:
1. Search Events
2. Search Linked In.
– Thousands of potential contacts join Linked-In everyday. Get your information out there or new a new connection
3. Sort through your contact
– Establish a plan for when you can converse with them and how you will maintain your primary circle.
4. Converse with one primary circle contact
– Ask then what new projects they have been working on or what interesting people they have met. Offer then your support in their ventures.
5. Interview a college
– Discuss how they incorporate their values and interest into their job. Think about how you can do this too.
Acknowledging that there are many Networlding actions that can be accomplished in a short amount of time will allow you Networld effectively with even the most hectic schedule. There are many more one-hour action plan ideas that are available in the Networlding workbook. To get a free copy e-mail Melissa at

Melissa G Wilson

Melissa has been a leader in the book writing, publishing and marketing arena for the past two decades. To date, she has helped more than 100 thought leaders write, publish and market their books. Her clients include executives such as Dan Weinfurter a seven-time Inc 500 winner and Orlando Ashford, President of Holland Cruise Lines.

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