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Does a Good Networker Have Charisma or Character?

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Laura Linney, star of the huge hit show, The Big C recently shared her insights around the difference between Charisma or Character in Oprah’s O Magazine. I was quickly taken by the juxtaposition of these two words and realized that they have even more profound implications for anyone building a network that is trustworthy and, for that matter, sustainable.

Linney found out that it took some time for her to discern who those people were who held the qualities she had when it came to how she connected with people. It took situations with others–especially men she dated, to start to see things that she didn’t like about how they connected to figure out what kind of people she would like to be with.

Now, as her choice of friends and boyfriends has evolved, she finds that she is much happier with people who espouse similar values.

What’s your criteria for a successful network? Do you consciously look for people who have values like:

  • humilty
  • courage
  • integrity
  • loyalty

Are you AWAKE in your networking? Do you care and connect or schmooze and lose? Of course schmoozers are not all bad. I just have seen more bad than good. How about you? Do you agree?

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Melissa G Wilson

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