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Author Interview with Author J.T. Kirk: Confessions of a Hiring Manager

J.T. Kirk, author-consultant, J.T. Kirk Associates

Question 1: Based on the above, what do you have to offer? Give me a brief pitch of your book, below.

Answer: CONFESSIONS OF A HIRING MANAGER (subtitle: “Sage Advice for Fearless Job Seekers and Career Changers in a Confused Economy”) offers a view from the other side of the interview desk that reveals the perspectives, presuppositions, and expectations hiring managers have of people looking for a job or wanting to change careers. From cover letter to compensation negotiations, and from resume structure to interviewing strategy, CONFESSIONS OF A HIRING MANAGER covers it all. While resume writers and career coaches may give you a fish to feed you for a day, CONFESSIONS OF A HIRING MANAGER teaches you how to fish so you can feed yourself for a lifetime.

Question 2: What is your experience that sets you up as a thought leader?

Answer: 25 years experience as a hiring manager in marketing, high technology, and the oil industry for Fortune 500 companies.

Question 3: Why did you write your book?

Answer: The book grew from an professional journal article in the late 1990s. A professional association then asked me to present a workshop at their national convention. Shortly afterwards, I was invited to provide local and regional workshops for a variety of organizations and associations. After years of frustration with seeing qualified job candidates fail to land jobs because of their poor technique and interview preparation, I decided that I could reach more people with the book than with focusing only on workshops and such. I combined my 25 years experience with my worshop notes and information, and wrote CONFESSIONS OF A HIRING MANAGER IN 2009.

Question 4: Are you currently speaking? If so at what level of compensation?

Answer: Yes, currently providing half-day workshops, full-day workshops, keynotes. Rates vary according to specific arrangements (number of books bought by sponsoring organization, half-day vs. full-day workshops, etc.), but flat out 1-hour keynote rate is $2,500 plus expenses.

Question 5: Do you hope to use your book for growing your business? If so how?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. Publishing a book today means you are adding another brick to your platform of expertise. A book is a tool that enhances your current revenue-generating streams and not THE vehicle for success, unless you’re a nationally recognized expert or name. Today’s successful authors see book publishing as another way of getting out important information to audiences that have a need for it. CONFESSIONS OF A HIRING MANAGER is being used to enhance my other revenue streams, which are seminars, workshops, keynotes, and one-on-one personal consulting.

Last Question: Anything else you`d like to add?

Answer: Reviewers have called CONFESSIONS OF A HIRING MANAGER “…the ultimate guide for properly positioning yourself for a job offer in this or any economy…” Visit for more information, free online cover letter, resume, job interview, and salary negotiation assessments and free tip sheets for those assessments.

Responder Contact Information

First Name: J.T.
Last Name: Kirk
Job Title: author-consultant
Company: J.T. Kirk Associates
City: Austin
State/ Province: Texas
Country: US
Phone1: 512-651-6713
Phone2: 512-301-2026

Melissa G Wilson

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