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Social Media Innovation and Teamwork

Take a few minutes and consider some (or all) of the teams that you have been a part of.  These can be sports teams, teams dedicated to music, theater, special interests like clubs you may belong to at school, scouts, or anything else you can think of.  Write down the names of the different teams on a piece of paper.  One at a time, start to think about the experience of being part of that team.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was the experience positive?  Try to elaborate as to why?
  • What was your role on the team?
  • Can you identify the roles of the other team members?
  • Were there any roles missing from the team? If so, what were the consequences of this?

Go through this exercise right now for at least one team you have been a part of.  The more times you can complete the steps the better.  You will continue to gain insight into how teams are formed and the challenges and benefits of being part of a team.

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Melissa G Wilson

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