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Second Step to Writing a Great Book

Now that I shared with you in my last post the first step you should take to write a great book  I’ll share the second step. Here you want to put the information you gathered away for a day or two. When you come back to it, it should look something like this:

Once you start seeing a better landscape of other books out there you get a better idea of where to position your book. This process is about slowing down to speed up the creation of a well positioned book.

Additionally, it’s not all an intellectual journey. My husband who is also a creative and working on his second book, shared his comments from my last blog stating that I should share more about the feelings around writing a book not just the intellectual aspects. Having a process for positioning your book like the one I offer, above, does include a feeling element. I am intuitive, very intuitive many would say. I go through one reader review after another looking for reviewers who are so passionate about their opinions and share them with great insight. I always have my passion meter running and I can tell what books are engaging and inspiring and enlightening.

So, go out and discover where your book belongs . . . because it does belong. You just need to figure out where and that will make all the difference.

Melissa G Wilson

Melissa has been a leader in the book writing, publishing and marketing arena for the past two decades. To date, she has helped more than 100 thought leaders write, publish and market their books. Her clients include executives such as Dan Weinfurter a seven-time Inc 500 winner and Orlando Ashford, President of Holland Cruise Lines.

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