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Networlding Step Number 3

Decide Who Else Might Be Included In Your Circle of Ten

The highest number you want to get to with your Primary Circle is ten. This is because in order to leverage transformation opportunities or any level of support from your network, you need the few first, with whom you can partner to realize the many opportunities. This concept seems counter intuitive, but if you really look at traditional networking, it’s only a numbers game at the front end because most people do it so unconsciously. When you make good networking or Networlding more conscious.

This means that you will focus strongly on the quality of those with whom you put in the circle that you literally take your networking and relationship building skills to the next level. At this level you have people who will give you such support (and you them) that you find yourself with opportunities that are “possibility expansive” versus limiting which is what happens with traditional networking.

In defining her larger circle of ten, Carol was better able to define her relationship within her primary circle and outside circles (secondary and tertiary) as well. To have genuinely beneficial relationships with people Carol had to focus her attention towards people in her life who were her closest support network. Unlike baseline networking, Carol was not concerned about how many connections she could develop, but instead she spent her time nurturing her connections. Since the relationships she formed were quality friendships based on mutual support, Carol’s circle provided her with the Networlding Seven Levels of Support (See Step #4).


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Melissa G Wilson

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