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How Much Time Daily Should We Devote to Social Media?

Being a successful Networlder creates sustainable connections. The social media phenomenon we live in allows us to do that. As this week’s webinar by

HubSpot on the “5 steps for Awesome Social Media Lead Generation” simply put it, “Follow. Friend. Connect”. Some people may spend less than 30 minutes a day following these steps that are few mere clicks away. Hootsuite and Buffer allow for excellent staged tweets. Others spend a range of an hour to several hours a day engaging on different platforms that include commenting on blogs, writing their own post, mingling on Twitter and questioning others in LinkedIn groups.

The question is, how much time should we devote on a daily basis to build sustainable connections?

I sent a query to the Networlding Group on LinkedIn earlier this week to have them weigh in.  The answers in fact do vary!

“2 hours per day: half an hour in the morning to re-invigorate yourself; half an hour at the end of your working hours; one hour after dinner and family time so you can participate in forums with the needed tranquility”

Time: 20 Facebook + 20 Linked in + 30 Own Blog + 50 Other blogs = 2 hours/day

Luís Cochofel of dPe


“Maintaining Social Media presence varies based on VALUE Gained from involvement, Business Style and VISION of how you see the importance of your online IMAGE. It’s hard not to spend less than 10 minutes a day leveraging the tools of the internet if you’re trying to Create Powerful Entertainment”

-Deremiah *CPE, Inspirational Speaking Star + Author of “52 GREAT WEEKS”
@ Deremiah_CPE


“It is really dependent upon the person and their desired outcomes. You can’t pigeon-hole one set of standards for the masses. Like fitting a square peg into a ROUND hole. Never works! I say for myself, an hour a day is most I could spend. That might change each week, depending on my own personal schedule”

Time: Facebook 10 + Twitter 20 + LinkedIn 30 + Own Blog 15+ Commenting on blogs 5+ Other 5 = 85 minutes/day

-Lisa Day, Physician Financial Liaison, St. Mary’s Hospital
lisaday07 @


“The goal is provide valuable content to those who would gain value from it, highlight individuals making the world a better place, and help connect individuals who would benefit from knowing one another”

Time: Twitter 10 + LinkedIn 10 + Blog (own) 35 + Commenting on other blogs 5 + Other 5 = 85 minutes/day

Anita Brick, Director of Career Advancement Programs at University of Chicago


“The ideal is whatever makes sense for the individual and the goals he / she has set. But, I would expect that 30 to 60 minutes per day would be reasonable. However, what is ideal for me may or may not be ideal for others.”

Time: Facebook 10 + Twitter 10 + LinkedIn 10 + Blog (own) 10 + Commenting on blogs (10) + Other 10 = 1 hr/day

-Gerry Parran, Partner, The Material Source LP


“I frequently commit several hours per day to maintain my presence and follow others; however, this is atypical (as I am currently an expat trailing spouse) and would not recommend it as ideal, unless it’s to support your work. Realistically, I think you can/should spend 1-2 hours per day with a focused message and only 2-3 apps to manage (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.). The more applications you use and the less focused your message, the more time you’ll need! It also depends on the number of friends / connections – and their average number of posts. If you write a blog, add at least 1-2 hours or more per week per post.”

-Shawn Haugen, DOX Communications, Independent Consultant/Senior Technical Writer/Editor & Business Analyst


“When you really want to be present, it is a full time job, engaging everywhere, anytime”

Facebook 30 + Twitter 30 + LinkedIn 30 + Own blog 90 + Other 20 = 3.5 hours/day

Henk Overbeek, Accountants Bulgaria
henk  @


“I view social media as an aspect of continuing education with a dose of personal and professional marketing. Using that approach, 15-30 minutes daily is ideal with a more intense session one time per week.”

Time: LinkedIn 60 + Other 120 = 3 hours

-Steve Silvey, Managing Partner at Athena Attorneys at Law, LLC
stevesilvey @


Time: Facebook = 30 + Twitter = 20 + LinkedIn = 20 + Blog (own) = 0 + Commenting on blogs = 15 = 85 minutes/day

-Barbara Bentley, Owner, Bentley Business Solutions
barbara _ bentley @


If you or someone you know would be interested in contributing to timely questions I ask in the future, please join the Networlding group here on LinkedIn!

Melissa G Wilson

Melissa has been a leader in the book writing, publishing and marketing arena for the past two decades. To date, she has helped more than 100 thought leaders write, publish and market their books. Her clients include executives such as Dan Weinfurter a seven-time Inc 500 winner and Orlando Ashford, President of Holland Cruise Lines.

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