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End Malaria and What is the Most Memorable Gift You Gave?

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What is the one philanthropic gift you gave that is the most memorable. Share the details and why the experience was so impactful. 

I would love for you to answer this question so I can showcase it, if you wish, on this blog,

My answer would be the time I gave away a basket with a “Year of Good Luck.” It was the holiday season in December and I remember I wanted to do something very different–unholiday myself if you will. So I created a basket that included things like: gold four-leaf clovers, a bottle of blessed water from a local Catholic church, a variety of saint cards and other good luck messages. The highest bidder won the basket and all the proceeds went to a local charity.

I had fun and I felt the experience was personalized to the point of being quite memorable. Well, if you have not had a memorable philanthropic experience, here is your chance now. Hot off the presses, both digital and print, you have the opportunity to make history by buying a copy End Malaria.  At least $20 from each copy sold goes to Malaria No More, an international advocacy organization working to end malaria deaths by 2015. Order now: Kindle edition | Paperback edition.

Then come back, share your experience. I bought four to give away to a panel I am running for Social Media Week on Monday, the 19th of September in Chicago at 11 a.m. Come there too if you would like. It’s free with a free lunch! And they say there are no free lunches!

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