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Dent in the World: The She Shift

Dent In The World: The She Shift

Our first Dent in the World feature is Melissa Clark, Founder of The She Shift.

Who are you?

I once was a girl with a dream who became a woman with a plan. I’m an entrepreneur, marketing professional, author, and mentor.

What do you do?

I am the founder of The She Shift. I offer products and services, to promote, inspire and empower women and businesswomen. Services include social media promotion, empowering books and inspirational apparel. I have 15 years of marketing experience and pride myself on being authentic and professionally relatable.

I am also a certified Reiki level one and two practitioner. Reiki is a Japanese healing art, focusing on balancing energy. I released my first children’s book, Little Lucky Ladybug in 2015 and I am working on books for women in business. I mentor young women and entrepreneurs and my background is in communications, fundraising and event planning.

I am involved with several networking groups and was named a “Woman of Distinction,” by “Women of Distinction” magazine and “Ms. New York, Woman of Achievement” for 2016, by the Woman of Achievement organization, in addition to receiving many other honors, including being named one of the, “100 Empowering Women,” of my college sorority, in honor of their centennial year.

Top Vision—Where would I be?

My top vision is to become a major platform and resource for women to promote their businesses and inspirational stories to empower others. My goal is to inspire many through my books, podcast and mentoring. I would like to look back and know that I created something that had a positive impact on the world, and leave that legacy for future generations.

How do you collaborate with others to realize your vision?

Collaborating with others and witnessing this “shift” in the world with women starting and building businesses, advancing in the corporate workplace, and empowering each other, created my vision for my business. My goal is to collaborate with women and be a platform and resource to promote, inspire and empower others. I’d love to make a “dent in the world,” by partnering with more amazing women to fulfill my vision.

What are up to ten milestones that you’d like to achieve?

  1. Complete and publish my book, The She Shift
  2. Connect with women globally to highlight their companies
  3. Collaborate with media to share my platform and resource
  4. Speak and teach webinars and seminars to inspire and empower women
  5. Spread a positive message and inspire the next generation
  6. Work with and collaborate with mentors
  7. Author more books
  8. Create a well-known brand for women
  9. Be an essential resource and platform for women to connect and be inspired by other women
  10. Create a documentary highlighting women

Who Inspires You?

Simonetta Lein, “The Wishmaker”, Huffington Post Author, Influencer, Named Fashion Icon, Millennial, Activist, Founder of The Wishwall Foundation.  Simonetta is a light in the world and is making a significant impact everyday.

Melissa Clark

Founder, The She Shift

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