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What’s Your Big Dream and The Bookstore of the Future

Concept for a new social media and networking center

The concept for a new learning and networking center.

What do Chicago’s Marbles the Brain Store, Hershey’s Store, American Girl and now the upcoming Google Flagship store in Chicago’s West Loop (my hood),  have in common? According to Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore of the bestselling book, The Experience Economy, they are a big part of what they call “The Experience Economy.”

Pine and Gilmore add that almost nowhere else in the world is there such a powerful aggregation of this economy. It’s clear that by developing richer experiences, especially in retail where people gather regularly, we would see strong growth opportunities.

Seth Godin, considered to be one of the best marketers in the world and a bestselling author, has said through the years that bookstores should be “hubs or connectors.” I couldn’t agree more. I’ve also seen bookstores as the best place for these hubs. I believe they are the ultimate connection centers!  How about you?


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What Is The Title Of The Book In You?

What is the Title of the Book in You?

"If you do not want to be forgotten when you are dead, either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." --Ben Franklin. Easier said than done, right? Just sit down and write. I'm sure you have heard the phrase, "Everyone…

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