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Why Authors Make Great Coaches (And Even Speakers)

freshicon_343Have you ever noticed how common it is for published authors to also be keynote speakers and business coaches? Hard to deny that these roles often end up overlapping. Why is that, you might wonder? Today we’ve set out to help answer that question and illustrate the many reasons why authors can easily morph into coaches and engaging public speakers.

Authors are Experts

This one goes without saying. It takes expertise to write and publish an entire book, regardless of the topic. It’s a safe assumption that if a person wrote a book about a particular topic, then they have a fairly intimate knowledge of whatever it happens to be.

This becomes useful to authors when given the opportunity to speak at events or coach others for obvious reasons. Knowledge is power and you have something that is valuable to your peers. This makes you a sought after thought leader in your industry.

Authors Communicate Effectively

Speaking and writing may use two different mediums, but they both demand the same skills in terms of communication. If you can write about your area of expertise, you can most certainly speak aloud about it as well.

This doesn’t come easily for all authors. Not everyone feels as comfortable speaking in front of an audience as they do writing in a personal environment. People who experience more anxiety over public speaking may need to practice more to get their speaking on the same level as their writing.

The words are there, which is the part that matters. Even if you can’t imagine yourself speaking at an event or a conference, it’s really just a matter of growing accustomed to having an audience and verbalizing your ideas.

Authors are Masterful Storytellers

If you’ve ever watched a keynote speech or heard an entrepreneurial success story, then you know the impact that these types of presentations can have on people.

Being an expert is great, but it isn’t enough on its own to make people care. If you want to inspire loyalty in your readers, your coaching students or a live audience, then you need a compelling story that gives them plenty of reasons to like you.

It’s important to make sure that your brand is equal parts personal story and professional expertise. Striking the perfect balance is the key to branching out into other roles.

Being an Author adds Credibility

Let’s face it — as an expert in any field, you’re almost expected to have a book published. It seems like an unspoken requirement, doesn’t it?

Maybe some of that is silly, but there are plenty of valid reasons why being a published author lends you more credibility than someone who isn’t. First and foremost, it is an accomplishment. A book is a manifestation of the effort and work that you put into publishing it. It represents the success of reaching your goal.

There is certainly something to be said for that, wouldn’t you agree?

Correct or not, people will take you more seriously if you are an author.

Books are Constant Lead Generators

The beauty of having a book published is that it acts as a constant lead generator, creating new opportunities for you that would never be possible otherwise.

For example, it grows your audience with each new reader and introduces them to who you are and what you know and do best. In many cases, these people need help with the things your book addresses, but some will need extra help and will be willing to pay for your time.

This can turn into profitable and highly rewarding coaching opportunities if you make yourself easily accessible to new fans.

Authors Know What Works

Branching out into coaching as an author is a relatively painless transition because you already know what it takes to succeed in your field. You have the firsthand experience to duplicate your success for others if they are willing to make an investment.

It should be a fairly straightforward process to create an actionable plan for coaching clients that will get them closer to your own level of success by breaking it down into workable steps.

Are the lines between author, coach and speaker beginning to look blurrier to you yet? At first glance, they may seem to be unique and only distantly related. However, upon looking closer it becomes easier to see why the three titles are so often used to describe the same person.

Melissa G Wilson

Melissa has been a leader in the book writing, publishing and marketing arena for the past two decades. To date, she has helped more than 100 thought leaders write, publish and market their books. Her clients include executives such as Dan Weinfurter a seven-time Inc 500 winner and Orlando Ashford, President of Holland Cruise Lines.

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