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Is Hiring a Ghost Writer an Option for Busy Thought Leaders?

When you write a book:

  • You become the “go to” person when someone or some business has a problem to solve similar to what you’ve written about.
  • GREAT books sell at a much higher rate, and for a longer period of time than other books.  This means more income from your efforts.
  • Authors with  GREAT books get interviewed by the media, expanding the reach of your brand. With greater reach comes more opportunities.
  • More and better speaking engagements. Imagine, talking about something you’re passionate about for an hour, shaking a few hands and signing a few autographs and getting paid for it?

When you join the Write Your Book Program you will discover:

  • What you MUST do before even thinking about writing a single word.
  • EXACTLY how to get the COMPLETE structure and contents of your book on paper in less time.
  • The secret to CRUSHING “writer’s block” and banishing it forever!
  • How to MARKET YOUR BOOK while you write, and how this process I call baking your marketing into your book can take your book from “Ho-Hum” to “WOW.”

These are the same secrets I used to not only write my own best-sellers, but help many others do the same. I am certain these book creation secrets, and many more I’ll share, will work for you!

Write Your Book Now:

  • 16 Weeks
  • Do it yourself
  • All the best strategies, tactics, forms and resources I’ve gather over the years to write your book.

Is your book the next “Tipping Point” or “Drive“?  Do you think Malcolm Gladwell (a journalist) and Dan Pink (a lawyer and former Vice Presidential speech writer) disrupted the standard business book market by writing from a generic script? No.  There’s an audience for how you see things, how you think about things, and your expertise. As an author of 17 books and ghostwriter for more than 67 authors in the past 6 years, I have had the experience and developed the expertise to share with you the writing, publishing and marketing expertise your book deserves.

Maybe you’ve tried to get your ideas in print, and it never worked out. So you may be skeptical about an online course being the answer to getting your book written.

But this program is DIFFERENT. That’s because, in addition to receiving my fifteen years of business book writing, publishing and marketing experience, you’ll learn ALL the secrets my team and I have used to create multiple best-sellers. We hold NOTHING back!

Whatever your reasons for wanting to write a book, we bet you’ve heard yourself say, “one day soon” once too often.

Maybe you have stopped and started writing your book more than once. Lots of the Fortune 500 CEOs, C-suite level executives and fast-growth entrepreneurs and other thought leaders we talk to every day, express their concerns about being able to run a multi-million or billion dollar business, but struggle with getting their ideas down on paper. So, you’re not alone. The best and the brightest fail just as easily at writing as the rest of the world. Millions of people from all walks and levels of work feel the same way — that no matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to finish their book.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Don’t feel bad — you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

After working with hundreds of authors, we’ve learned something really surprising. The reason for your frustrated efforts is not because of a lack of willpower. It’s not because of a lack of time. And it’s not a moral failing on your part.

What others have said about past Networlding Writing Experiences

See what others have said about working with Melissa:

James Rosseau
President, LegalShield Business Solutions at LegalShield

Several months ago as I was sharing an idea about some things I had written relative to my career and life journey, a good friend of mine told me that I should speak with Melissa as it in fact might be a great book.

In meeting with Melissa, it was clear from the onset that she was more than an author, but a great book coach. Fast forward and Melissa has helped me not only complete the book, but secure an agent and ultimately my first book publishing deal. Melissa and her team have pushed me further than I expected, navigating me into uncomfortable places at times, in an effort to bring forth what I believe is a very rich book.

Throughout the process, Melissa guided me with structure and invaluable insights as to how to think about connect with my target audience. Having gone through the process I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to work with Melissa and look forward to again in the near future as my sense is another book will be coming.

Glenn Yeffeth
Publisher and CEO of BenBella Books

I had the good fortune to be the publisher of Melissa’s fantastic book, Networking Is Dead. Melissa is a dream author because she combines great writing, deep knowledge and fantastic marketing savvy in one package! Melissa’s book provides a contrarian but genuinely insightful new look at the old question of networking. Her commitment to the success of her book was extremely impressive. I recommend Melissa highly!

The Four-Month Course:

Month One

Create your detailed outline. Don’t worry. It’s not the nail-biting process you suffered through in high-school! Learning how to create a power-packed outline is the first secret to your publishing success. I start helping you writing your book with a detailed mind-mapping exercise. From there we lead you through a self-interview process that helps you define the premise (goal) of your book. Once you have your premise, I provide you with our unique, and exclusive research template. This will allow you to thoroughly analyze your competition (up to 50 competitive books), to superbly position your book in the most profitable niche possible.

Month Two

Write your first draft. This is the part of the writing process that can intimidate even seasoned writers. Why? Because there is so much information to process, remember and communicate. I break the process down into bite-sized segments that are easy to string together.  Throughout the course I constantly provide you with tips and suggestions to assist you in developing and polishing your writing. I also recommend a wide range of free and low-cost tools and resources that will accelerate your writing success.

Month Three

No one likes to read a lot of fluff or filler content. People want you to cut to the chase and get to the meat of the topic. We help you tighten and polish your words to do exactly that. Your readers will walk away from your book knowing they got more than they paid for, and feeling good about what they’ve learned.

Month Four

This is where the “rubber meets the road,” so to speak. We’ll be finishing our final edits together, typesetting, creating your cover, and preparing you for publishing and your book launch. Your marketing will already have been “baked right in” by now.

  • Exclusive access to a private online Networlding Authors’ Circle of Support.
  • Access to all bonuses, recorded sessions, and templates.
  • Secret bonuses that help make your book writing, publishing and marketing that much easier.

And that’s only the beginning. After you have finished “Create Your Business Book Now,” you’ll be able to apply the skills you’ve learned to your next book idea, and the next, and next, and so on… Like it says on the back of the shampoo bottle, “lather, rinse, repeat.”

Think of it, one idea, one book, one additional source of passive income that will change your life forever. You’ll not only be creating the best marketing strategy for your career and/or business, but your ideas will touch and influence the lives of thousands once it’s published.

  • Have a new idea? Write a book!
  • Solving a nagging business problem? Write a book!
  • Supporting a new cause? Write a book!
  • Joining the speaking circuit? Write a book!
  • Have an amazing story or stories to tell? Write a book!
  • Want to give back to your community? Write a book!

Want more info?



One-on-One Coaching!

What do Best Selling Authors, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Olympic athlete, and any Fortune 50 CEO have in common with you? They have coaches they work with one-on-one.

I don’t have to resort to “secrets” or “tips” to entice you to join. You’re a professional. So am I and my team. We tell it like it is and you decide if you want to work with us, one-on-one. We answer YOUR specific questions, solve YOUR unique challenges and give YOU the writing, marketing, and publishing knowledge to take YOUR business or career to the next level. No games. No secrets. No BS. Just professional solutions. If you want gimmicks, go somewhere else. We deal in reality.

Once you have signed up and paid for this do-it-yourself course, just click here to contact me for a special add-on, free coaching session. 


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