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When Are You Going to Notice Me? 10 Ways, 10 Days

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Many people wonder when it is going to be their turn to get attention on the web.  “I’ve been blogging for months now. I don’t get people coming to my site! What’s wrong?”

Experts tell you that  you just need to keep at it. Eventually your voice will be heard if you do certain things. But how do you get there? What’s the path? Where do you start?

Following are 10 ways to can jumpstart your success:

  1. Write about someone else. Who is big in the news right now? Write about that person or those people.
  2. Write about the biggest trends. What are they? You can find those trends on sites like Twitter.
  3. Write about one of your passions. Write about the top 10 things people should know about cars, books, dogs, travel, etc.
  4. Create great questions. What’s the best question you have ever been asked? “That’s a good question,” people will tell me. I am a question collector. Collect great questions from those you know.
  5. Do something for someone else and write about it. Spend a day helping out in a non-profit in your area. Whether it’s the Boys and Girls Club or a soup kitchen or a school, etc., write about that experience. Send it to the organization when you are done and ask them to share it out on the web.
  6. Run a contest for a day. I ran a contest for a day and gave away a gift certificate of $25. I had over 100 people actively involved. It was a fun contest to find out how many pictures were on the wall at a local restaurant that had over 350 caricatures lining their walls.
  7. Build a list of top resources. Everyone loves lists. They make things simpler. What’s your top list of resources for your particular business or area of expertise. Create that list.
  8. Share a vulnerability. I’m shy. Most people would never believe that of me. But I am one of those people who teaches what she most needs to learn. I have been working in the area of teaching people how to network better for more than 15 years and I still HATE to go to live networking events. What about you? Where can you share a vulnerability?
  9. Create a video. Start Vlogging. I have been wanting to go out and video people on the street and ask them their tips for better networking. I have been asking this question for years but I would love to do this on the street and see what develops. You will not only get one form of media but more as you realize that people share things when they are on camera that will surprise you . . . sometimes even, delight you. And if it surprises or delights you chances are, it will do the same for your readers and their friends.
  10. Create a podcast. Use a tool like Blog Talk Radio. It’s been one of my best strategies for growing content. I get to bond when I interview someone for my radio show. It’s a much deeper interview and I get the most amazing guests.

Bonus: Read other bloggers such as Chris Brogan and Seth Godin and Carol Roth who love to push the envelope on blogging. Get inspired by blogs like 1000 Awesome Things. Start writing. Do it for you. You will build a discipline and a following as you build your passion. Jump down the Rabbit Hole! Have fun! Share your results with me!

Melissa G Wilson

Melissa has been a leader in the book writing, publishing and marketing arena for the past two decades. To date, she has helped more than 100 thought leaders write, publish and market their books. Her clients include executives such as Dan Weinfurter a seven-time Inc 500 winner and Orlando Ashford, President of Holland Cruise Lines.

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