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Traditional, DIY Or Hybrid Publishing: A Comparison

Traditional, DIY or Hybrid Publishing: A Comparison

What is the Best Publishing Option For Your Book?

You have decided that you want to become a published author. That’s your goal. Maybe you’ve already written a book, but maybe you haven’t made it that far yet. What matters is that you’ve made a conscious decision and you have a clear idea of what your setting out to accomplish.

As with any type of success, over half of the battle is changing your mindset and finding the determination to make your dreams become reality. Publishing books is no exception to this.

The next step is figuring out whether it makes more sense to choose the traditional publishing route or to self-publish your own book. There is no “one size fits all” answer to this question, as every situation will have unique factors to consider. Today we’re going to talk about how to choose the one that is best suited to your needs as a new author.

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How To Explore Your Publishing Options

How to Explore Your Publishing Options

Here’s the good news: writers today are fortunate enough to have plenty of options once they decide they want to publish a book.

Now the bad news: not all publishing options are created equally.

With more freedom comes greater responsibility, which translates into more time spent researching and considering the pros and cons of each route to publication you have to choose from.

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14 Self-Publishing Pros and Cons

When you're struggling to find a literary agent or a publisher, it can be tempting to consider self-publishing to get your work out into the market. Some writers may choose self-publishing because they don't want to make the recommended changes…

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