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How To Build A Business Around Your Book

How to Build a Business Around Your Book

Lead Me To Success In Publishing: 101 WaysWrite a Book About Your Experience and Expertise

As an expert or professional in your field, you likely already have some experience with running a successful business. This gives you an advantage over many other new authors who publish under the constraints of being a “creative” type.

This certainly doesn’t mean that non-fiction authors are not creative. On the contrary, they tend to be some of the most innovative and resourceful people on the planet. Not to mention, they are rock stars when it comes to story telling, which is an essential skill for any type of writer or author.

Of course, everyone comes from a different background both personally and professionally speaking. There is also more than one breed of success. Some non-fiction authors were first wildly successful self-made businesspeople, full of entrepreneurial spirit.

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Sales, Marketing and Networking–Differences and Similarities

Do You Know The Difference Between Marketing & Sales?

I recently replied to a question on LinkedIn that asked what the difference was between marketing and sales. I am always surprised by how good the answers are when posed out to a wide and diverse group of people. The replies were quite eye opening because there were some experts who said they saw no difference. There were many more who saw a difference but the differences varied greatly.

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