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The Missing Link: Teaching Family Values in Public Schools

Teaching Family Values In Public Schools

Working Together, We Can Give Kids The Tools & Values They’ll Need In Life

No matter where you stand on educational reform or character education, there’s no denying the fact that we are currently experiencing a worldwide epidemic of growing anger in youth resulting in violence. Whether propelled by depression, fear of failure, the pain of being bullied, or a host of other troubles young people face today, more and more of them are turning to violence as a way of dealing with the stress of growing up. From the Virginia Tech massacre of 2007 to recent riots in Britain and racial attacks in Australia, it’s easy to see that the problem of youth violence knows no geographical, socio-economical, or ethnic boundaries. It’s a problem we all face together, and if we’re going to solve it, it’s going to take a united effort. So, the question becomes—where do we begin?

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Using Values to Grow Business: United Versus Zappos and Southwest

Zappos Family Core Values For Their Company

Establishing Core Values For Their Company

I had and am still having a conversation with one of my alliance partners in the UK as to whether to swap out a focus on values by companies to a focus on passions or intentions. I shared that I continue to focus on core values as one of the most powerful places to focus to grow a business.

Following are just two of many reasons:

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