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My Favorite Resources for Keeping Track of Book Ideas


Any successful businessperson is full of new ideas, some of which become great products and services. Others never make it out of your head and onto paper, but that’s a shame. As an “idea person,” you can never be sure which ideas are most worth pursuing.

Translating your ideas from thoughts to written words is the best way to take stock of everything brewing in your mind. Sometimes reading it back to yourself later makes it easier to see whether it’s viable or interesting enough to act on.

Every great idea can become a great story. Great stories make for great books.

How many of your great ideas could easily be turned into great books? How many dollars are you passing up by not publishing those books and how many business opportunities are you missing out on by not being a published author?

The answer is probably more than your realize or give yourself credit for.

The problem is that successful people are always busy, making it easy for your good ideas to slip through the cracks of your mind. Today we’re going to share some of my favorite resources for keeping track of all your book ideas to ensure that you don’t lose any that may be a bestselling book.

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