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Networlding Publishing, Inc., Specializes in Promoting Books, But Not Just After Your Book Comes Out But, Also, Before 

Creating a great book requires more than a good idea, strong research, and excellent writing. It also requires what I call “baking your marketing into your book writing process.”

All Marketing Isn’t The Same

A smart marketing plan insures that you have the best opportunity to succeed.

Our approach delivers:

  • More effective launches
  • Sustained sales = a bigger ROI
  • Larger reader bases

Our comprehensive marketing services are delivered in two phases:

Book Pre-Marketing

Pre-marketing creates the foundational key words that create stronger reader engagement.

During this phase our team will:

  • Topic Selection
  • Author Positioning
  • Influencer Identification and Outreach
  • Staying Power “Evergreen Content”: Creating something that people are reading five years from now.
  • Identify Audience
  • Understand Core Triggers
  • Learn the Language – Keyword analysis
  • Test idea with stealth “focus groups”

Book Post-Marketing

Success often comes after the Launch. A comprehensive post-marketing strategy keeps your book in front of your core audience while building a relationship with new readers.

During the post-marketing phase we will implement:

  • Community building
  • Social outreach
  • Content spinoffs – grow and diversify your revenue
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