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What is Ghostwriting or a Ghostwriter?

Ghostwriting is the process of using someone other than yourself to research, write, and edit a book that you commission to be written. Ghostwriters hold no intellectual property rights to your book. You own ALL the rights. Ghostwriters are work-for-hire professionals who work on your behalf to create a book or books that will represent your best thought leadership.

When you hire Networlding you get even more support that includes:

  • A professional team of experts who have decades of experience in researching, writing, publishing, launching and marketing books.
  • Comprehensive research that will provide you with the most up-to-date review of the marketplace, competitive books, and recommended positioning for your book. This step is critical to getting your book found in the ever-growing book-writing space.
  • Skilled writers who help you bring your writing to a level of excellence that creates engagement, understanding and insight into the area(s) where you are an expert.
  • A team of book marketing experts who share with you their many years of what works when it comes to book marketing success.
  • Experts to help you continually learn about and take advantage of the latest in book publishing strategy and trends.

Who Should Consider Hiring a Ghostwriter?

Here are the types of people who most benefit from ghostwriting:

  • Entrepreneurs who have growing companies and want more attention (think the power of “The Shark Tank”).
  • Executives who are looking to build their thought-leader status. We have worked with many executives like the head of IT for UBS, the head of internal alliances for Accenture, a partner at Mercer, the head of leadership for American Express, the president of Holland Cruiselines, an Inc. 500 winner (seven times) and many more. Each of these thought leaders was able to move his or her career forward, faster, by writing books.
  • Creatives who want to tap into their creative goldmines and get work out that matters and makes a difference.
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