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Bestselling author Melissa G Wilson and literary agent and author Jon Malysiak help set you on your path to bestseller status with these 101 publishing tips that break down the ever-changing world of publishing, and get you thinking about not only writing your book but—just, if not more, importantly—how to market and promote your book once it’s published.

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Things are Different…

  • Why blog?
    • Tip #1: Figure out Your Blog Idea
    • Tip #2: Choose a Memorable Name or Catchphrase
    • Tip #3: Start a Blog (or Restart Your Blog)
    • Tip #4: Get Writing
  • How to Blog Effectively
    • Tip #5: Interact with Your Audience
    • Tip #6: Encourage Sharing
    • Tip #7: Be Yourself
  • Using Your Blog as a Starting Point for Publishing
    • Tip #8: Build Your Brand
    • Tip #9: Mention Your Grand Book Idea
    • Tip #10: Offer Free Sections of Your Book Through Your Blog
    • Tip #11: Share Your Book News ONLY On Your Blog
  • The Personal Blogging Experience (Now with Video!)
    • Tip #12: Add Video Blogs
    • Tip #13: Address Reader Questions
    • Tip #14: Talk About Your Personal Life
    • Tip #15: Don’t Make it All About Your Book
  • To Book or Not to Book?
    • Tip #16-19
  • Types of Books to Create
    • Tip #20-22
  • Making Money with eBooks
    • Tip #23-25

Download the book to discover these tips!

  • Facebook
    • Tip #26-29
  • Twitter
    • Tip #30-34
  • LinkedIn
    • Tip #35-40
  • Other Social Media Options
    • Tip #41-49
  • Social Media Advice
    • Tip #50-55

Download the book to discover these tips!

  • Guidebooks
    • Tip #56-60
  • Video Training
    • Tip #61-66
  • The Truth about Book Design
    • Tip #67-72
  • Hybrid Publishing
    • Tip #73-79
  • More Publishing Tips
    • Tip #80-101

Download the book to discover these tips!

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