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Book Surge Gets Personal – Great Branding Strategy: Listen Up Companies!

Today I got an email from an account service professional named John Mark Schuster at BookSurge, an company. Now I have been exchanging emails with John who was the person who responded to my email inquiry regarding publishing a variety of new books and also older books I am updating.

But what made this exchange more meaningful was that John moved from a potential vendor to my company to a partnership. The brand of BookSurge grew more relevant and more personable especially when John sent me a LinkedIn invitation. Smart move, John.

Now the personless face of a company suddenly was “personalized” into a living brand with traits that are more human like compassion, creativity and lots of care. So just like SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market.,  that is on my favorite company list because they “got personal,” the employees at BookSurge are empowered to be more connective, and just like Frost’s “The Road Less Traveled,” when it comes to branding . . . that. . . . that has made al the difference.

p.s. And John even has his one blog. Check it out. It’s good.

Melissa G Wilson

Melissa has been a leader in the book writing, publishing and marketing arena for the past two decades. To date, she has helped more than 100 thought leaders write, publish and market their books. Her clients include executives such as Dan Weinfurter a seven-time Inc 500 winner and Orlando Ashford, President of Holland Cruise Lines.

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