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Melissa is President of Networlding and Networlding Publishing Inc.

Melissa is the author of five bestsellers. Her latest book, Networking is Dead: Creating Connections that Matter, was a Wallstreet Journal and Barnes and Noble bestseller and her book, Networlding, was a #10 book on Amazon for an entire year.

In 2009 Melissa started Networlding Publishing, for thought leaders who want to write books that make a difference in the world. She found that she could make the biggest difference by following her “Power-of-Ten” Networlding process, helping 15 to 20 authors successfully write, publish and launch their books yearly.

Over the last six years, Melissa has taken her twenty years of experience in publishing to help almost 100 authors successfully write, publish and launch their books. Her clients have included people like the head of diversity for Hewitt, the president of Holland Cruise Lines, the head of a division of Allstate, the head of HR for the NBA, a seven-time Inc. 500 entrepreneur and thought leaders from many small and mid-sized companies around the world.

MelissaGWilson (1) - Melissa G Wilson

Most importantly, Melissa provides strategies, tips and tools to help you create, publish and market GREAT content that will take your business and/or career to the next level.

Melissa’s greatest passion is helping new adults get better starts in their lives and careers. Here, she mentors up to ten college students yearly in the areas of book publishing and marketing.

Melissa lives in Chicago, with her amazing husband she named “Mr. Wonderful” before Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame made it a million-dollar brand.

Melissa and her husband, thriller author and accomplished composer, Craig S Wilson, have an amazing blended family and a special “Creative Room” where they write. This room has helped them stay true to being eternal creatives and for Melissa, it’s her spot for podcasts, book-author ghostwriting, coaching and mad, breakthrough marketing sessions where she helps deserving authors get noticed so they can pay their mortgages and live their lives as the pure creatives they wish to be.

The Networlding Team

There are dozens of freelancers who are top in their field who work with me when I take on work with an author.
Showcased currently is our Publications Manager, Michael Nolan.

Michael Nolan

Michael is a  publishing professional with more than twenty years in the industry. During that time he has been an author, acquisitions editor, development editor, project manager, and designer of print and digital media. His skills include:

  • Internet and new media skills include content strategy, information architecture, usability, user experience, social media and mobile applications
  • Design for packaging, advertising, editorial, branding/identity, web, software, and animation
  • Author: Books, QuarkXPress Expert Techniques, Fine Art Photoshop, articles and blog posts
  • Software expertise: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Acrobat; Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Networker: with a worldwide range of contacts in the fields of design, publishing, politics, education, broadcast and print media

Why Should You Work with Melissa and Her Team?

Melissa works with no more than 20 authors, annually, to help you:

  • Understand the writing, publishing, and book-launch process from start to finish.
  • Move through the complex process of developing your book outline. Without a powerfully crafted outline, you aren’t going to have a powerful book.
  • Create a powerful, captivating and engaging title, themes, storylines, and direction.
  • Have your book ghostwritten by a team of ghostwriters and editors.
  • Experience a pleasant, creative and even life-changing journey to getting your book out into the world.
  • Provide you with a turnkey book creation experience–a “Done-for-You” experience,
  • Provide you with expert coaching.
  • Continuously give you one-on-one coaching, feedback, and critiques of your work and as much one-on-one attention as possible during our weekly calls.
  • Give you access to the best resources and support in publishing and book launches.

Books By Melissa G Wilson

I invite you to enjoy my books exploring the art and science of networking in a networked economy.

51tfP7URD7L  SL500 AA300

Networking Is Dead offers a new approach to fundamental networking misconceptions. Authors Melissa G Wilson and Larry Mohl show it’s the quality rather than the quantity of connections that counts. Their fable tells the story of connection expert, Dan, guiding Meredith, an outgoing social media expert, and Lance, a shy accountant, to build relationships that matter to them and their businesses.

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101 160x229

“101 Great Tips for Building Relationships and Opportunities in the Age of the Network” is designed to help you become successful no matter what the economy is doing, but it is even more powerful in tough times.

Buy It

Buildingstrategic 160x226

The Networlding Guidebook is designed as a companion to author Melissa Giovagnoli Wilson’s bestselling book, “Networlding”.

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Buildingrelations 160x226 1

The Networlding Participant’s Guidebook walks participants through the process of identifying their core values and identifying the best people with whom to build the most successful networks.

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TeenLeadership 160x226

Networlding for Teens is an invaluable guidebook that introduces you to the 7 steps of Networlding. It will get you thinking about all of the many people in your life–and perhaps more importantly, the people you would like to know.

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Nanosecond 160x226

The Nanosecond Networlders show us that there are compelling new solutions to some of the most vexing cross-cultural, career, and organizational business issues we face today.

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75 160x226

Drawing from their own experiences as top international business consultants, Whitney and Giovagnoli provide field-tested “cage-rattlers” that can help improve leadership, resolve on-the-job conflicts, stimulate innovation, facilitate better communication, and much more.


Social media and social networking are terms that few really understand let alone use in a vibrant, sustainable way to grow their businesses or their careers. Here is the book that makes learning about and using social media and social networking faster and better.

Buy It

Poweroftwo 160x226

In The Power of Two, two acknowledged business-alliance experts take readers step-by-step through a proven, powerful method for successfully building a network of strategic alliances and for managing such networks via an alliance manager.

Angels 160x226

Angels do exist and they can transform your workplace. With these enchanting stories, noted business author and consultant Melissa Giovagnoli recounts the tales of ordinary people whose random acts of kindness have generated some extraordinary results.

Wisdomnetwork 160x226

“The Wisdom Network” is an eye-opening book that introduces readers to an eight-step process for discovering and realizing the power of the untapped knowledge that exists at every level of their organization.

Networlding 160x226

Networlding shows you how to build the mutually beneficial relationships that are the real keys to job satisfaction, career advancement, and personal fulfillment in the 21st century.

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